My mom's an extraordinary woman.
But. She has her favorite son.
Even tho I have 2 siblings, she loves my brothers.

My sister is a nurse, so, she spends more than 6 hours in the hospital, taking care of people that don't even say thank to her. Whatever.

Last night, I had so much hw that I had to keep the light on.
And mom asked ''you study on the nights, why don't ya do your hw in the morning? And I said ''Yeah, you're right.

Then, now, my mom just asked the same, but she said
''Would you take so long keep that light on? Your sister is sleeping''

WTF mom, you don't want me to do the hw or what?!
It seems she doesn't about me.

It is weird because my mom put music in the morning while she's cleaning the house at the same time I'm sleeping, and she can do all the noise that she wants, and I can't complain about that bcs she's my mom.