scream movies 1, 2, 3 & 4, 1996-2011

Temporarily removed Abusive image

fear, 1996

couple, fear, and mark wahlberg image 1996, couple, and fear image

tragedy girls, 2017

Temporarily removed cheerleader, curls, and dark skin image

detention, 2011

love, couple, and boy image detention image

get out, 2017

movie, get out, and Daniel Kaluuya image Georgina, get out, and horror image

it, 2017

it, pennywise, and ben image Temporarily removed

alien, aliens, alien 3 & alien: resurrection, 1979-1997

Image removed Temporarily removed

jennifer's body, 2009

Mature image Temporarily removed

carrie, 2013

Image removed carrie, movie, and chloe grace moretz image

a quiet place, 2018

Image removed a quiet place image
The Shining, jack nicholson, and movie image Temporarily removed
the shinning, 1980

unbreakable, split & glass, 2000-2019

movie, split, and anya-taylor joy image james mcavoy, split, and the beast image

the sisterhood of the night, 2014

georgie henley, girls, and lucy pevensie image Temporarily removed

the craft, 1996

The Craft, witch, and 1996 image witch, magic, and The Craft image