I sat on the wooden bench and waited for Russell. He was finishing up football practice across the campus. I was under the massive oak tree that lies in the center of our school.

Under this oak tree is where I first met Russell. It was early November and I was all alone on this bench. He came and sat next to me. I was shy, so I did not say a word, just looked down at the ground. Russell gazed at me with loving eyes and asked for my name. And I stuttered my name. He chuckled and said that I have no reason to be scared. I looked into his eyes and said, "but I am". He grinned and whispered, "I don't bite". He then reached around his back and in his hands was a single red rose. He laid the rose on my lap and rose from the bench, his parting words were,"I am excited to get to know you Iris." Ever since that day we have been inseparably.

"Babe?!" A voice called out. I was so lost in thought that I zoned out the calls. I lifted my head and saw a sweaty Russell walking toward me. I grabbed my belongings and met him halfway. He picked me up and spun around. He kissed me and I ran my hands through his hair. I squeezed my legs around his chest. He slid his hands down my back and onto my bum and smacked it. The kiss seemed to last ages and tasted so good, but we had to get a move on.

Together we walked through the campus, until we reached the parking lot. The sun had already gone down and the world was turning pitch black. Russell started his broken down Chevy truck. I slid into the passenger seat and we took off. Russell decied to take the back roads, nothing could be seen, even the high beams barely broke the dark. I leaned my head against the window and watched the shooting stars. I felt the truck slow down.
"What are you doing?" I asked Russell.
" Stopping."
" But we aren't even close to home."
" I know." Russell grinned.
He unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the truck.
"Russell?!" I yelled, "What's going on?"
"Come on out!" He called from behind the truck.
I slipped out of the truck and came over to him. He had layed a pillow and a blanket in the back. He was already snuggled under a blanket and he tapped his hand on the spot next to him. I crawled next to him.
"What is this all about?" I laughed.
"Just watch." He whispered.
We laid in silence for a couple minutes. Then a big boom exploded into the sky. I jumped out of my skin.
"What was that?" I yelled.
" Look!" Russell laughed.
I looked into the sky and fireworks exploded. It was raining stars. I shook Russell.
"Oh my gosh!!" I screamed, "They are so beautiful."
Russell then slid out of the back. He went to the front of the truck and turned on the radio. He then came back around to me and held out his hand.
"Dance with me." He chuckled.
I took his hand and he swung me around. The dust kicked up around us, time stopped and it was only him and I in the world.

To Be Contiuned....