Helllo pretty girl :) Here are some some tips that I made on how to be a chic, elegant goddess.

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1. Know who you are. When you know yourself, not one person can tell you who you are. You define yourself and no soul can change your truth. Knowing who you are can help you make the best decisions for you , based off of what you stand for believe and represent.
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2. Love yourself. Loving yourself will make you content in your skin. You should admire everything about you, from your hair to your heart. Know your worth and how valuable you are. What other people say, thing or even how they feel about you doesn't matter. Buy yourself a dozen of roses. Be happy to be you. Invest in yourself. You are worthy, goddess.
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3. Ambition. Having ambition means to work hard towards what you want, and Goddess, that is exactly what I want you to do. Get off bed, make some breakfast, get beautiful, and go reach your dreams! Once you know how you want to live, you will be determined to go pursue it! You can do anything if you are not in pain, doll! Even if you hate that 9-5 job, you have to do it, to get to where you want.
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4. Do not settle Goddess, if you want to be a true Goddess, you gotta stop settling! Do not settle for anything you do not truly want. Whether it be a friendship, a new handbag, your lifestyle, or a relationship. When you don't settle you will most definetely get what you want and deserve. ♡
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5. Have morals + Be classy. Be a young lady with substance. Have standards. Classy is when a women has everything to flaunt, but chooses not to show it! You can turn heads with your pretty little face, goddess ♡ and your strong vocabulary. Modesty isn't about hiding your body, its about revealing your dignity.
I know this generation of girls think they can wear whatever they want.. and honestly that isn't being classy, showing your whole bottom is not lady like at all. Women back in the 70's fought so hard to not be sexualized, meaning they did not use their bodies to get money or jobs. They used their talents and brains..
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6. Always be Kind. Be known for your kindness and grace. Be kind because you are beautiful, kind words cost nothing. Even if someone is not kind to you dear, kill them with kindness.
Kindness definetely isn't a weakness, hate is..
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7. Be happy! Being happy is cute. Spend your time laughing and loving. Do something you love. Go to sleep with a positive mindset to wake up to a positive day. Get up and make some green tea, look in the mirror, look at the sky. Hold your tears back. There is no reason to cry. Smile because your a Goddess that is happy to be alive.

Kira Lu