Hey guys! This article is basically a list of hobbies that I like to do in the fall! If you're ever bored and need something to do, any of these will be a good option. Hope you enjoy!

1 . Read
Fall brings cold weather and one of my favorite things to do when it's cold outside is curl up with a good book. It helps me relax and relieves my stress.

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2 . Write
Another thing that helps me relax and clear my thoughts is writing. Sometimes it helps to write my thoughts in a journal or diary, but I also do creative writing sometimes.

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3 . Baking
Fall brings Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving brings baking! For some reason, baking is always more fun for me in the fall. I like making pumpkin pie and cookies that I can share with my family when they visit!

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4 . Crafting
Since it's cooler outside, crafting is a fun thing to do inside. I like making fall themed decorations that I can hang in my room or around the house to make it more festive.

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So this is all for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it! xxx -jessica