i know i have friends but i don't have friends who really know me. i've never exactly fit in. i've always been different, some may even say out of place. yet from being different and not fitting in i have however learnt things in life.

you see, i have a theory that there is always going to be at least one person that gets you, that you can vibe with. even though i haven't yet met this person i have hope that i will someday.

from not fitting in and not finding the people i vibe with i can say that i know how to independent and on my own, a lot. its easy to do this when you've grown up in a generation like this, where you can't be yourself just so you can have friends and fit in society's standards. its all ridiculous really, you have to pretend to like certain things and wear clothes you don't want to and wake up early to put makeup on. when really its all like your mask. you could even call it a wall to protect yourself from others who i can't really call fake because most people are nowadays.

it sounds like i'm blabbering on (because i am) but all i really am trying to say is that yes society is ridiculous but we as the people in this generation are the only ones who can fix it because we are the ones experiencing it. we are the future experts and leaders and if we want to change this, we need to start now and together. so everyone has the chance to fit in and not go through life alone all because they feel the need to fake who they are.

p.s. i promise not all my articles will be this long