I keep on promising myself I'll forget you but who else could I think about the same way. I'm at the crossroads - heaven or hell. I want to dislike you, hate you. Yet, I want to love you. Every man that looks even a little bit like you reminds me of you. So do specific songs, words and places.

This doesn't work! I want to move on with my life but I desperately wish that we'd somehow try to work things out again. I hate how I love you. I could take so many tequila shots and still remember you.

Responsibilities are waiting for me, like studies and work. I must face the future. What is it without you, though? I got my left foot in the moment, right foot in the future and my hands are streching to the past.

I'd force the tears out if I could. Guess, they're leaking inside me. Everyday I look out the window longing, sighing. I can actually feel the pain in my chest. I don't remember so well what you looked like anymore but if we'll ever see again or I'll notice a photo of you, one glance is enough to get my feet weak once more.

I didn't plan, think I'd fall for someone. My only worries were my studies and if I'll get new friends. I succeeded in both and got extra.

This feeling, I want to rip it off of me, rip the heart out and end this agony. You torture me and you don't even know it. I used to dream of superpowers like teleportation. Now, it's the ability to read minds.
I want to know what you know, what you feel and yet I don't.

I suppose I'll stay at the crossroads until I find another. But I don't want to find him because I'm scared I'll forget you. I regret what I didn't do and what I did. I wish I could turn back time to start all over or at least fix the mistakes. If in reality I could go back, would I actually, mentally be able to change anything?