Last week I read a book that really interested me when I first saw it in the book shop. I am talking about "Girl with curious hair" by David Foster Wallace. This book is a collection of short stories all decribing and commenting American culture between '60s and '80s, so there are stories about Lyndon Johnson, jazz, quiz shows and punks.

This book was my first approach with the American writer, who is most known for his particular writing style. In fact, reading the first few pages I felt kind of confused because of it, but then I got used to it and I fell in love with the capacity of Wallace of reinventing words and giving them a new significance

My favourite of all the stories is "My Appearance", which talks about an acress who has to appear in the David Letterman Show and be interviewed by the man. Her husband and one of his friend don't trust the interviewer and think he'll make fun of the woman so they tell the her not to be herself and not showing off too much. I found it very interesting and I think the moral is a very important concept everybody should think about.

I really recommend you that book and I hope you will enjoy it too. Thank you so much for reading :) Bye!

Marta x

P.S. sorry for possible mistakes but I'm still learning English and I'm taking these articles as an opportunity to improve my writing and my knowing of the language :)