Hello! My name is Wings for Jungkook . I will be telling you stuff about Zodiac Signs. If you don't know what that means,you'll find out about that. My Zodiac Sign is Taurus but I'll do that one in the next Article. You may wonder why is she making this Article, I will make BTS articles/fanfic too but later.

Today I will be talking about Aries. If your an Aries your Birthday is March 20 - April 20. I will tell you the basics first. Your ruled by the planet of Mars, which means your daring and totally fearless. Your element is Fire, look it up if you don't know what that means. and now I'll tell you facts.

*They don't like to talk when there pissed off.

*The heart of an Aries will always have a hard time letting go of someone that their in a strong relationship where time and feelings were invested. It doesn’t matter how toxic it became.

*See I'm a nice person.. Aries to Them Self: As long as you don't annoy me or drive me crazy.

*Aries have a deadly weapon and they're not afraid to use it..... it's called their mouth.

*If your an Aries, you're probably more protective then you even realize....just saying.

*Their little secret~They would choose love over ((almost)) anything.

  • People that are Aries be like~Its now or never I for damn sure ain't got time to waste.

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So that's some stuff about Aries. I have a sibling that's a Aries so I know what to do, like how not to piss them off and other things too. If you want to know more about Aries go to TheZodiacCity.com