the sky is really beautiful ,once in a while go out and look at it. it will smile back in stars ,sunsets, sunrises, grey clouds . nature is fuel for the soul . studies show that spending time in nature makes people feel more alive. so, if you're feeling sluggish ,you know what to do ,if it doesn't make you happy, like really happy don't even think about doing it .also, if he makes you more sad than happy, trust me with this ,you'll be better of alone. remember to compliment people if you like their smile, makeup clothes or voice seriously, don't lose the chance to brighten somebody's day people don't change believe me maybe I generalize but never give someone the opportunity to waste your time twice . its not 'ill believe it when I see it' our thought's are very powerful .honestly you're beautiful and look great today ,and everyone with think same about you , I promise you , our thoughts can change our lives ,so pretty please .think positive & positive things will happen. don't worry about your past or future just seize the day and don't hurt yourself by thinking negative thoughts because no amount of anxiety changes the future .if you're feeling down watch YouTube video's with cats/dogs ,funny videos write down your crazy ideas write a to -do , a bucket list write things you like about yourself ,write down things you don't like about yourself and try to change them ,find a new passion take photos lots of photos of everything and anything . be brave be yourself .be kind believe in karma never give up