***Hey loves, my name is Simona. This is my first time trying this article feature out on We Heart It! hope my tips and tricks help you out! you can always message me for requests or any questions you have. Enjoy my lovlies...***

- My most important and useful tip is: PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PIMPLES, ACNE OR BLACKHEADS!
I have suffered severe acne and i am now just recovering from using the medication Accutane to treat it. The best thing i ever did was stop touching my face. Although i did have the help of Accutane clearing my face, it wasn't all that easy. I always had a habit of touching or popping my pimples. That my dears is the worse thing you can do to your face because you are letting the affected area to get inflamed and actually putting more bacteria onto your face. By leaving the pimple or affected areas on your face alone you are helping them heal FASTER!

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- You might hear this a lot but DRINKING WATER and EATING HEALTHY is a big part of having healthy skin! I'm not saying don't ever eat junk food and soda ever again. All it is is having a balance and not overdoing it! Don't worry you can still eat those Hot Cheetos and drink that sweet Coca Cola lol!

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- Having a face routine is essential but making sure you STICK TO ONE ROUTINE is very important. You shouldn't change face routine every week or alternate between face cleaners and moisturizers. You are basically confusing your skin and overwhelming it!

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- Making sure you let your SKIN BREATHE! If you girls or boys put makeup on during the day, make sure you wash and cleanse your face right after school, work or after a long night out! try to wear makeup as least as possible because making your pores breathe is very important. Always make sure that ALL of your makeup is completely taken off before going to bed!

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- If your acne is worsening or bothering you, go see your DERMATOLOGIST! They are the professionals when it comes to your beautiful skin! If you are really concerned seeing your dermatologist will help! He or she will tell you how severe it is and will probably prescribe you a cream or medication to help.

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*Hopefully these tips work for you! Little disclaimer: everyone's skin is different so some things will work and some wont! You shouldn't worry because you are all beautiful girls and boys. bye loves xoxo