we were sitting on a rooftop
i was smoke a cigarette
it's 4 am
i tried to hide the pain
i opened a bottle of wine
i don't like red wine
but this night doesn't choose the color of wine and the taste
it's just important that we have alcohol
sitting in silence
but silence is loud
too loud
with wine, we quickly start a forbidden and painful topic
they asked me about him
about us
there's another cigarette
i was quite
'i see the sadness in your eyes'
my eyes are filled with tears
'it's over', i said
but true love lives forever
i knew that
that's the reason why i repeated it
'it's over'
they couldn't hear my grief
they could only see the ocean of my tears
that was enough to understand
to see the pain
to see despair
to feel the end
the end of my feelings
the end of love
the end of him
tonight some make love
someone is born
someone is happy
somebody's dead
and that's me