Good evening everyone, as you all know, Fall is on its way and we can't wait anymore ! Autumn and Spring are my favourite seasons due to their perfect weather, so here are reasons why i love this one:

Cozy Sweaters

sweater, winter, and clothes image

Autumn weather calls for Cozy sweater


autumn, Flying, and fall image

Feeling that fresh cold wind on your face


autumn, fall, and leaves image

Long, cool walks

Warm Drinks

coffee, drink, and milk image

Chai tea, mulled cider, hot cocoa, hazelnut toddy or just a simple cappuccino


bath, candle, and cozy image

Some nice smelling candles: cinnamon pumpking, vanilla or lavender with a nice warm bath

Movie Nights

Image by Pocah

Family movies, horror, romantic or even better: Walt Disney movies


autumn, coffee, and heart image

Apple croissants, cherry pie, veggies pizza, caramelized quinces..

All seasons have their prons and cons but we love them anyways.

Hope you liked it, enjoy your best season ! #ZEN