i am not going to talk "about types of friends" or "how to be a good friend", etc. i'm gonna talk about my friends...
they are not many, just two, their names will be "T" and "B".
i know T and B since kinder, they are my best friends, we know each other really well and i think that they love me just the way i do, but lately our friendship is like broken, there is no feeling, i do not have so many trust as i had years ago and i know that they feel the same cause there isn't so much coversation when we hanging out, i mean yes we laugh, we make jokes and stupid things but there are awkward moments that shouldn't exist.
the another day i told them something really really important to me, i told them that i was going to study in italy for 3 months the next year, not in a "diva" way tho, and they don't even said to me "wow congrats" or "cool" they just changed the coversation.
i am so sad and dissapointed abou it, i mean this experience that i'm gonna had is not because i can, it is because i want to... it's a dream come true to me, all my life i've been talking about studing in another country and finally it is happening. i don't know i just wanna to write it and keep it out of my mind..