Sunsets are so magical. Sunsets prove that ends can be beautiful too. Also sunsets teach you that good things don't last forever, because they just last a few minutes. And you have to wait all day long for it. We always wait to let things happend, and sometimes we are so focused on looking for that "signal" to arrive to us, that we don't even realize all the good things that we didn't enjoy. It is like when you go on a train, and you are just too anxious for arriving to the end of the trip that you forget to enjoy the beautiful view that the road has.
People say that life is like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs.
They also say that life can be hard. Life can hit you like shit and make you feel like you are not important. That you are hard to understand, or worst, hard to love. The train can hit a rock. The way can be broken, there could be a storm. Things can get worst and life can be more complicated. But nothing last forever.

So keep your train out of the road. Keep yourself out of your road. Stop thinking about that.
Let your sunset let you start all over again. And you will see.
New starts are new chances. Take all those chances. Meet new people. Visit places you have never been to. Fall in love, even once. Let your soulmate find you and enjoy life. Get married. Swear your love to someone else for the rest of your times. Until you have to share it with your kids. Watch them growing up, being happy. Live a long life. Live your sunset.
Because you never now. The sun can stop shining and the darkness of the night can arrive. Cause they just last a few minutes. Cause nothing lasts forever.
Try to be your own sunset. And try to create moments that can be sunsets, too.