I know the day I met you I wasn't the person who now I'm, I was so innocent and I didn't know how to comportate with a person like you, I mean a person who I love. Maybe you knew more than I about the love and these things but that wasn't giving you right to talk each other how you did it with me.
Many times I thought how beautiful would be if you and I were boyfriend and girlfriend but you took care of destroying all the feelings that I was feeling for you. You knew I loved you and you took advantage of that to gave me illusions and then crush them but, you know? I'm very grateful with you for did it because you show me that I was wrong and you aren't the person who I thought.
Now I'm a new person and you're part of my past. I only hope someday you feel the same that I felt for you and you understand me.
I know that I don't need persons like you in my life. Bye forever.

P.S. I just want to demand you one thing, never come back to my life.