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The relationship I have with my mom is very different from the on I have with my dad (the one I have with her is better), and that's because my parents aren't married and I live with my mom.
My parents are always protecting me and that has forced me to do a lot of things behind their backs.

My mom

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I love my mom, I really do.
It has always been my mom and I, she's a single mom and has always found the way to get ahead.
We've always trusted each other but I've never been the kind of daughter who tells everything to her mom, of course I tell her when somenthing happens at school or when a friend has a problem and things like that but what I never tell my mom are personal stuff like how I feel, what i think, who I am or who my friends are. Why? Because I know she wouldn't like it. I've always been myself at school, I've always been myself with my friends but when it comes to my family I'm different in certain ways, when I'm with my mom or my family I don't curse, I don't say all the obscene and dirty things i say when I'm with my friends, I don't always say what Ii think because I'm way too different, It's like if I were adopted because my personality and the way I am It's nothing like my mom's or my family. That's why I've always been one at school ans another one at my house.
In the past year I've had a lot of problems and some of them have caused arguments between us. I've felt a lot of pressure beacuse of everything that has happened, we've fought a lot and said things we've never said to each other.
Two months ago she finally saw who I really am,. Noe she knows who I am and of course she is disappointed and I lost her trust but the good part is that I don't have to be afraid anymore of what could happen if she discovers the real me.
We try not to tak about what happened beacuse I get really mad when we do. Why do I get mad? Because my best friend is involved in the problem and both of my parents hate him and they just do it beacuse of what happende but they don't really know him.
But after everything that has happened our relationship is kind of stable, of course she's not mad at me anymore because she took away my phone and I can't talk to him anymore, also she has the control of my facebook account.

Honestly, even though sometimes i want to run away from home and start living my own life, making my own decisions and doing what I want there's one thing I have as a primary life goal and that is to make my mom proud

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My dad

I don't really feel true daugher-father love. Why? Idk, I just don't feel it.
My dad has disappointed me many time, just like I disappointed him when the problem with my best friend happened.
Every time I've needed my dad he hasn't been there. He just comes to see me when he has time left and I've never been his priority, work and other people are more important than me. Well, my mom and friends are more important to me than my dad. That's why we've never had the best daughter-father relationship.
After the problem happened our relationship just got worse and I don't even want to see him.
I don't trust him at all and I knid of hate him.

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