(hi guys this is my first time publishing one of my articles please don't judge me)

Just close your eyes for a while and try to escape this town. Stay with your eyes closed and try to see, feel and hear like that. Breath. Breath deep and slow. Relax. Try to find your comfortable position. Then try to remember some of your old memories. We just forget about them for a moment, second, day, month, year? Maybe we just forget that we forgot them.
Try to remember what was your favorite thing to do when you were little. What made you happy and what made you jump from excitement. Who were you years ago. Which was your favorite toy? What kind of ice cream flavor did you choose when mom finally said that you can buy ice cream? What you wanted do become when when you would grow up? What did you wanted to SAY before anybody would have the power to change you? I think we all have changed a lot from when we were little. It hurts to admin how much society has changed us all. Who is society? its US. We all changed ourselves. I think the most realistic "us" was when we were little. When nobody could judge us because we were so little to understand this world. Why do people change? Because we're afraid of other people seeing and judging us. THey tell you to do you and then they judge us...

Keep on closing your eyes. life is better like this. THink about everything you read and if you agree with me, try to change something in this world today. Try to put a smile on some stranger's face today. Try to help a grandma who can't pass the road by herself today. Try to smile at a little kid who comes closer to you today. We can do everything we want in this world. We have the power to little by little make this world happy again. I'm so tired of all this hate in this world and I think so are you.

If yo read this till the end thank you so much it means so much to me. I really wasn't sure if I should post this or not. SO SORRY IF I MADE ANY MISTAKES ENGLISH ITS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE.
keep on smiling ily :)