Falling in love, staying in love, these are two different statements. You can fall in love with a lot of things and maybe a lot of people, as you have heard before. In the period of falling in love you can have all the courage to fight, and stand up strongly for what you love, you even have the strength to turn your back to the world. Because the emotions that you are feeling are so much and so overwhelming compered to whatever.
The hard part is not fighting against the people for what you love, the hard part is staying in love. And you can't stay in love just by being in love. Staying in love requires trust, commitment, activities, fun, talking, forgiving, helping, believing.
And all these things, am telling you, they don't come just by falling in love. You need to move for what you love, if you love it you have to grab it, keep it, and never let go no matter what. Life is hard, and so is staying in love. But is beautiful, everything is beautiful when you have what you love.