He doesn't love me the way boys should love girls. He loves me with his own differentness. His alienness. I love his subtle ways of showing me his love. His patience for me is unimaginable. Dealing with a girl having raging hormones (most of the time), I must say that he's not so good at it and it's always giving him a hard time but despite that, he still stays. I love how he treats me. He might not be very consistent by his actions, but everyday, he's making sure I'm always reminded that I'm loved...

And yes!

We do fight a lot. We fight over little silly things. I guess that is just normal cause you, people in love, notices every minute things around your beloved. Good thing is that he amazingly knows how to water the rising fire. I'm just so blessed having him in my life.

His love is the love I only want. His not perfect in so many ways but he's perfect for my life.