my account will be mainly posting about school stuff!

just some things you should know:

  • nope, I'm not in the sixth form yet, still in secondary.
  • I will be taking the A-levels in a few years time, but not the GCSE (I'm skipping it, yes I'm allowed to do it in my country)
  • if you have any requests for any type of posts you would like to see, feel free to message me through this article
(are you able to do that? I'm not sure because I've never messaged anyone, hence explaining the 0 message I've gotten, yes i am technically challenged.)
  • or just want someone to talk to, just message

because there's no one to talk to here, it's getting kinda lonely

oh and this picture for the article here? I took it in Perth a few years back. It's the 1st Australian city I've been to and I love it so much :")