Hey, I'm back again aha. I've been thinking about what to talk about because the last article I wrote was really fun to write so I think I'm gonna continue writing them, so yeah pre warning of all the mistakes that will happen.

"The heart wants what it wants" - Selena Gomez

So the thing or the people who inspired me to write this are my friends, and just couples in general. Love is a weird thing to be honest. We all feel it in our lives at least once (well hopefully), but I feel like it's different for everyone. Like how are we supposed to know what anyone else's love is like, we just can't. The thing is we all have a right to love. It doesn't matter who you are, what gender or what type of sexual orientation you are, no one has the right to stop you from loving anyone.

One of my friends is type of person who wants to be in a relationship because everyone else is in a relationship. But what she doesn't understand is that she has her whole life to find that one person whether it's male or female. I think she feels left out or scared that we will leave her behind. But the thing is I'm the type of person who will give time to all my best/close friends, boyfriend and family. Like if my family makes plans before my boyfriend or my friends I'm going out with the family, it's the same for everyone, like if my boyfriend makes plans an hour or so before my friends, sorry but I'm already buy with my boyfriend. I think you guys get the idea. Anyways I just don't want her to rush anything and then totally regret it, because thats exactly what I did aha. I got with a guy and the first time he said he loved me I realised then and there that I didn't. So instead of leading him on I dumped him, because I didn't want to hurt him anymore than I would've by breaking up with him.

When I realised that I didn't really have any feeling for the guy, it hit me in that I only got with him because my best friend got herself a boy. And I just don't want my other friend to regret doing anything with the wrong guy. I guess thats hard to do because we all go through the wrong relationship at different points in our lives. I kinda rambled for nothing, sorry. But I guess we learn from our mistakes and I know I did.

I'm gonna take this back to where I said I didn't want to lead the guy on. I don't see how people find it entertaining or fun by leading someone on or playing with their emotions. Like do they not realise that it actually hurts being lead, like hello we do have feeling we actually are humans and not puppets like holy shit, do they actually not realise that or something. Like bless love but the dickheads who fake it and hurt you are the worst people to be honest, and sorry for my rude language. This topic just makes me mad aha.

Everyone just deserves the right person. Some who actually gives a damn about you, not someone who shrugs you off or treats you like trash. Like if they hit you in an argument or whilst being mad, damn you better get the hell out. Because if you stay they will continue and you will probably get trapped. No one deserves to be hit by the person they love, like yeah it will be hard leaving them but hell nah are you gonna be put down to level of being hit. My mum got hit by her ex and she instantly left, she's just like 'Nup, fuck you, I'm out'. I mean I don't think she would've of said that but you get what i mean. If you get hit just say "fuck this shit, I'm out". Sorry again for swearing aha.

Not matter who you are, who you like or what you are. You all deserve the best. Some one who treats you like a Queen/King, what ever you'd prefer. Because you are all beautiful and perfect in your own ways and it's amazing. Just before I say goodbye, to the people who think it's right to lead, hit or emotionally hurt their loved ones or anyone, you don't deserve love, like straight up one you people are like scum of the earth, harsh I know but sorry it's just my opinion.

Thanks for reading my full on rant aha, I appreciate it and I hope this has helped someone or at least done something aha. I’m sorry if I have an offended anyone in my rant but you’ll live, I’m just some random on the internet who is expressing their opinion.