He closed the door behind him and didn't even start to show me around, his view was only focused on me and that's what made me a little insecure. I still had problems with being in the frame. Then he stood in front of me, held me tight in his strong arms and kissed me so passionate that I almost lost my mind. His hands made their way underneath my blouse and my heart was beating faster and faster. I realized how I felt alive for the first time in so long and how I actually just gave myself to this tremendous and new feeling he had kindled within me since yesterday. He touched my whole body, tender but somehow ruling too and I suddenly knew that this was exactly what I had been looking for all the time but didn't even really know. He teared off my clothes, first the blouse, then my pants and eventually he opened my bra carefully but with only one move while he deeply stared into my eyes. Then he looked at my naked chest. It seemed like something lit up in is eyes when his hand traced along my torso until he reached my chest and softly began to stroke me. With his finger he went along my nipple that instantly hardened and then he gave me his penetrating gaze and slightly opened his mouth. He kissed my neck, his kisses moved down to my collar bones and I quietly moaned. Just how is he doing this?