FEMINISM is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of sexes. There are many definition of feminism but what we have to understand is that’s not just about women’s rights. That’s about EVERYONE’s rights.

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When I tell somebody I’m a feminist, they’re saying ‘well, are you really like these crazy girls who show their boobs to everyone, who paint their hair in pink or blue and scream men are inferiors?’. So, my answer is ‘You don’t understand, I’m a feminist, I’m for women’s rights AND men’s rights.’ These people usually don’t understand and say something like ‘whatever’. I totally respect everyone’s opinion but those answers are the reason why I decided to write this article, to make people understand what feminism is.

Then I had the idea to ask people about what they think of feminism, if it’s important for them and if they know what it really is. One of the girl said it was POWER from her point of view because she thought women were powerful when they supported each other. An other one said that it was really IMPORTANT for her to fight against inequalities, to show women should have same rights as men and she also thinks it’s beautiful when men call themselves FEMINIST since it shows hope is still there. Finally I asked few men and one of them told it was important for our generation and our future but he thought that people should get more involved in GENDER EQUALITY.

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Unfortunately, there are still differences and stereotypes, as if men could not cook and women could not play rugby or even sport. But you know what? They CAN! Blue’s not made for boys, pink’s not made for girls. Women can be pretty with short hair as men can with long hair. ‘Girl things’ or ‘boy things’ don’t exist. This is what society wants.

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There’re so many prejudices, so many differences but I want you to understand that now it’s YOUR turn to change things, to learn your kids that men and women can be different but have one thing in common. They’re both HUMAN and need to be treated as HUMAN BEING. They need to be accepted and loved because EQUALITY and PEACE is the only way to win against sexism, racism and other kind of hate. Today I need you to fight, with me, for your relatives, for your friends and for the next generation. Please, we NEED your help.