• Do nothing upon waking up. Ask yourself, "What is my intention for today?" Pause occasionally throughout the day to revisit your intention.
  • Instead of getting agitated when you are stuck in traffic, think of this time as a pause- a time when you cannot hurry.
  • Don't time your exercise. Work out for a reasonable, comfortable time and then stop.
  • Stop the busywork. Devote your time to work that is satisfying.
  • Maybe you love the work you do, but the structure of your work is not right for you. Can you change your professional environment or hours to suit your work style? Look for the "sweet spot" in your working life.
  • Spend hours in a coffee shop reading.
  • Imagine floating in a cloud you see in the sky.
  • Picnic for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and slow down to the pace of nature.
  • If you feel panicky, make a conscious effort to calm down. Tell yourself to stop panicking, and then close your eyes and breathe deeply. Feel yourself becoming more relaxed. Notice your heartbeat slowing down.
  • The next time you interrupt what you are doing to check your phone, stop. We live in a 24/7 world based on immediacy. Do what you can to slow this down to the speed of a happy life.
  • Take time for long, thoughtful conversations with interesting people.
  • Try this affirmation: "I am happy just as I am. I am peaceful with what is happening."
  • Go for a swim.
  • Look at beautiful photography.
  • Finish the sentence, "If I had more time, I would..." The next week, find the time.
  • Write in a journal. This is a helpful way of checking in with where you are in life.
  • Walk like a three-year-old exploring the world.
  • Routines like putting on and taking off makeup are often carried out on autopilot. Appreciate the artistry of applying it- and the fresh, clean feeling you have after removing it.
  • Try to draw something you see each day.
  • When you climb into bed, close your eyes and create a "news capsule" version of your day. Run through the "headlines" from start to finish. This will help you let go of the day's events and fall asleep.
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Some calming pictures I found

The things mentioned in this list were found in the book 1,001 Ways to Slow Down by Barbara Ann Kipfer.

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