These days, it's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of unhealthy perfectionism. We stress when we invite people to our home because it's not big enough or neat enough or doesn't look like the cover of a decor magazine. On top of that, the dinner we cook isn't Michelin-star standard. At work, we often berate ourselves for not working hard enough, for not trying hard enough to get that promotion or because our salary isn't what we believe we deserve. And when it comes to our appearance, we're never thin enough, tall enough, blonde enough, curvy enough, pretty enough, good looking enough…

You have to do this to be happier and accept the life that you have:
Focus on your whole life and recognise that different areas are important: these include friends, family, being a good worker or student or being involved in your community.
Don't define yourself by a list of achievements.
See mistakes in context and as an opportunity to learn.
Broaden your self-definition, so when something goes wrong in one area, your whole life doesn't come crashing down.