one day you will realize how great I was to you. you will realize how much I did for you. one day I will get over you. I loved you. and I still might. I really needed you and I did anything for you to stay. but you didn't want to stay. its like when they say you can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. you did all these things to make me believe, until you got who you wanted then you just left me like it was all a joke. I don't know what you were trying to do, but you really made it seem like more than friends. you could call me your best friend but you and I both that I not how you acted towards me. I could remember the days so vividly. I remember how you made me feel. everyday I saw you. we talked so much and you always wanted me to be right by you when I could. I got into trouble for you. and even through that, you texted me right after it all acting some type of way. but a week later, you had somebody again. the same girl as before who did so much behind your back. but you were too blind to see it. you talked to me about almost all of your problems and i was always there to listen. all i wanted was the best for you. i wanted to be with you but if youre happy otherwise, id have to deal with that. you had one girl in your mind, but made two others fall for you. you can say how we were best friends all you want but i know that you acted a different way to me and another girl. ive had some sort of feelings for you for over three years already. you used to be so mean to me but i stuck around. and the past year and a half ive only grown closer to you. but it hasnt done me much good because ive loved learning about you and ive loved being the one who you felt like you could talk to. but now youve cut me out of your life again and ive heard you still talk to the other girl you made fall for you. and guess what, shes fallen for you all over again. but even when i talked to you about it, you told me you both were just friends. you need to stop playing with hearts. ive done so much for you. ive cut so much out of my day to talk to you and ive lost hours and hours of sleep just to get to talk to you a bit more than usual. right now, this one boy is so sweet to me and he actually makes it seem like he cares about me. he actually tries to show it to me even though i havent even known him for that long. but while hes waiting for me, im still not sure if ive let go of you yet. i need to. ill never have you. i used to imagine what it would be like if we were something. but then i remembered youd never do any of that. everyone wants someone they cant have. i always seem to mess things up with you though. somehow you always get upset with me. i always tell you im sorry even though its not my fault or even if youre the one who should be telling me sorry. when i bring up certain things, you just reply with "sorry" and i know youre not. you dont care about me despite if you have told me you do before. i know you better than you think. i know you dont care about many people and you sure as hell dont care about how i feel. you made me fall for you more everyday just to leave me in the end and just tell me were best friends. everything has changed in about 4 months. look back 4 months, i just ask what happened. i needed you. but im learning to live without you. sad thing is, everytime i think about you or talk to you again i go back in the same destructive place. you made me so happy. just to make me so sad in the end. one day, youll understand.