I remember your words,
The ones I won't hear again.
My heart falls like a house of cards,
Our actions oh, the Mark of Cain.

This was a mistake,
My heart breaks,
My feelings overtake
A rageful outbreak,
Oh, the heartache.

I knew you were bad for me,
But my head was drowned in whiskey,
I didn't listen to the voice in my head,
And now I walk around,
Like the living dead,
In this ghost town.
Oh let me burn down,
The road that led me to you.

Your words,
The lies,
I keep drowning in them,
Pretty like songbirds,
Oh, I agonize.
You sit on the throne crafted for a goddess,
Getting all my praises,
And your heart filled with empty promises.

"You're mine"
The words you said,
And the stars align,
But only for a brief moment.

Oh you're beautiful,
Truly a work of art,
Your eyes sparkle,
Not far from a jewel,
And I wander in them like a fool,
Yet you're cruel.
Desired for my attention,
Wanted my affection,
Yet that wasn't your intention.

Why is it so cold here?
It's just your heart.

Don't copy my work please and thank you. -J