This is my article about Kristoff from Frozen and why I think he's one of the best Disney characters and why he deserves BETTER. Yes "Frozen is overrated" but I think people mean "Ana and Elsa" are overrated because no one even talks about Kristoff.
Firstly, Kristoff is introduced as a young child with a crew of ice people with his baby reindeer. Then the topic of these ice people is completely abandoned in the rest of the movie. THEN you'd expect if he had any family at all it would be these ice people. It turns out to be some trolls. Honestly all I want in this world is A MOVIE ABOUT KRISTOFFS PAST. What even happened to those ice people? He doesn't even have a proper family, you'd think the ice people includes family members or they're his brothers or something. All we know about these trolls is they brought him in when he was still a young boy.

Honestly Kristoff is such a relatable character I mean he has a song about why Reindeers are better than people and I want to know WHY he despises people so much. Like who hurt him, people must have done something pretty bad to him for him to hate them so much. I mean he considers those trolls his family and they are pretty annoying, so who could have mentally scarred him more than that? I think his family (the 'ice people') abandoned him. They couldn't have died or anything because why would he hate people if they died.

And people treat him so badly in the movie. Firstly "YOO HOO BIG WINTER BLOWOUT" guy was rude then Ana blackmails him and also gets him chased by wolves and loses his sled then he gets called a goofy reindeer or something AND THEN those trolls he calls FAMILY all sing a song pointing out his every insecurity and flaw. That is very damaging and he seems ok so something in the past has hurt him so bad he is numb to all this.

Now onto why he's a good character HE STILL HELPED ANA AFTER ALL THIS and he did need a new sled and his job to work but she showed him the love that he never had and then he grew a connection to her. For her dumbass to DITCH HIM FOR HER FIANCÉ SHE HARDLY KNOWS BECAUSE ITS TRUE LOVE. WHERE? Kristoff knew this true love was fake from the start which could've avoided all the drama but whatever and then and he lets her LEAVE HIM like everyone else in his life has except his reindeer, for her 'true love' because he trusts her and wants her to be happy. He does go back but because he comes to his common senses and is like 'Oh wait Ana is stupid' and he could've been looking at some ice after what Elsa did but no he goes back for Ana.

Ok so basically I want to know WHO HURT KRISTOFF and he deserves so much better and yeah there are some points I forgot but I just want ONE PERSON TO AGREE WITH ME.