Hey stars,
My first article artile!
Hope you enjoy:)

So the first article is about emergency bag that I have in my school bag. In the first class I didn't have him and I had never really thought about buying it. But in the second class I needed a few things to take with me and I could stop it in a bag. So that's actually the story about how I got to that bag. If you're wondering which bag I use: It's a small makeup bag from the Hema (Dutch store)

-Hand Gel
This I use every school before I eat my sandwich on it. I find it very fine if my hands are a little clean before I eat anything on it. You can buy it at various stores such as: Albert Hein, Hema, Kruidvat and still more only I have bought it so far only at these stores (for the Dutchies). It's usually also in a small bottle so it's compact to take with you.

Am I the only ones that always get cold during the lesson? Or forget to bring handkerchiefs? Yes, I always have that when I get cold. It is also fine to just have handkerchiefs with it for when you spill water... yes I have that problem. It's not that a handkerchief helps a lot but it's more the idea.

Yes, especially during the winter I have very often dry lips especially after cycling. I am then such a person who then try to pick up those lip things (and that causes a bleeding lip) and yes then Labello (or something vaseliene contains)is really useful

It might be weird but maybe you have shoes that always care for bellow and then a plaster is fine. Or if you have a wound on your leg or arm (only that doesn't really occur to me often)

-Smint (maybe it's dutch idk)
After your lunch it is always fine to brush your teeth unfortunately it is in school a bit difficult. A danielly is always handy to keep your mouth a little fresh, and then at home you can brush your teeth extensively.

These are the main things I have in my purse. Sometimes I have more in it and sometimes less. I hope you found it useful and you liked it and so. And yes this was quite a bit
Big hug,