1. At least one leatherjacket

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I think the colour doesn't matter that much. However, I prefer black for the beginning.

2. A well-fitting jeans

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There are so many different types of trousers. Nevertheless, I think one excellent fitting jeans is a must have for nearly everyone! I like them with cuts as well as without.

3. One basic shirt

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In my opinion a high quality basic T-shirt is definitely an allrounder, especially a white shirt. You can create a classy, elegant look as well as a grungy, casual one.

4. A comfy sweater

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You might don't need a warm sweater when you live in areas where it never gets 'that' cold. For all the others, they can be LIFESAVERS during the winter-trust me!

5. One timeless, classy handbag

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There are some handbags which will never get out of style. I suggest to invest in one of them, it should be high quality but doesn't have to coast much money.

Are there any other essentials which are important to you? Do not hesitate to send me message!

Sincerely Caro