So it's that time of year and everybody's already in or about to go back to school... Over my years I finally think I've perfected my makeup routine and I'd like to share it :) Btw there are links to all products mentioned at the very bottom because the only way to include pictures is if the picture's from WHI :/

This routine is made for oily (and acne prone) skin and takes about 30 minutes

Also, the most important aspect of good makeup is good skincare! (Doesn't mean perfect and smooth skin just means good care) So check out my other article on skincare too


I start out with the Revlon PhotoReady™ Perfecting Primer (1). It's a mattifying, pore-smoothing primer that doesn't have that silicone feel which I love. I put this in my T-Zone and it works wonders. I've repurchased this soo many times I HIGHLY recommend!
Then I move onto a more luminous primer because the rest of my face doesn't need a thick oil control primer and I like that a dewy primer makes my skin look more like actual skin. I'm in love with the Becca First Light OR Backlight Priming Filters (2&3).

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I love both primers equally they do pretty much the exact same thing. Becca is definitely luxury so a drugstore alternative for these would be the ELF Beautifully Bare Luminous Matte Makeup Primer (4). It's more thick but also leaves a nice finish


Yes, this back-to-school routine includes foundation. I'm insecure about my skin what can I say? Obviously reach for a BB Cream if you're not a fan of coverage, but I don't use it enough to really vouch for any... So everyday I use a combination of two different drugstore foundations, both are originally $6. The first foundation I use is Wet N Wild Photo Focus Foundation (5). And when I tell you this foundation is bomb. It's made for any skin type, absolutely no flashback ever, it holds up (wore it in a hot tub and it didn't slip), and best of all I can always count on this guy to make sure I have a good skin day. My only complaint is that there's pretty medium coverage. That's where my second foundation comes into play. Elf's Acne Fighting Foundation (6). Now, it's "acne fighting powers" really don't work. But. Coverage is great and it looks good on the skin. Also super mattifying. A+ if I do say so myself.

I apply this with a brush to ensure maximum coverage but a sponge works just as well!


Sometimes I opt out of this, all personal preference, but getting 4 hours of sleep every night tends to make you look a little sleepy... (BUT ALSO DON'T DO THAT GET YOUR REST PEOPLE) I am obsessed with Catrice's Liquid Camouflage Concealer (7), a concealer no one really knows about. It's waterproof and just works beautifully. I do have to say that the three shades they offer are quite light so keep that in mind. But I apply triangles under my eyes and a tiny strip down the bridge of my nose and blend it out with a sponge.
Drench your beauty sponge (btw there are SO many cheaper alternatives to the beauty blender that work exactly the same!) the night before. In the morning the sponge will be the perfect balance of squishy but not dripping wet. Try it. Trust me.
Anyways, if you're not feeling that one, Maybelline's Instant Age Rewind Concealer (8) in the shade "Neutralizer" is also really good and I blend this out with a fluffy concealer brush.

Setting Powder

Okay. This is where I blow your mind. I don't set my foundation. I set my concealer oh yes. But not my foundation. I've found that powder just makes me look way more cakier than I should and the staying power of my makeup is perfectly fine. If you feel you must, set your foundation with this next-up loose powder that I use to set my concealer. Loose powder will reduce the look of cakiness! I am in love with Makeup Revolution's Luxury Banana Powder (9). It was a spur-of-the-moment buy from me but it was the best thing I've ever discovered. It blurs so well and has amazing staying power. I pour it into a rubbermaid container and use it from there. I use Real Technique's Setting Brush (10) to apply it everywhere I put my concealer :)


I can't think of any creative joke to start this. Basically, eyebrows are very very important. They frame your face and make you look like you. Even if you're doing just the slightest of fill-ins, it makes a difference. I use ABH's Dipbrow Pomade (11). And yes, you can do natural with this. I fill in my brows with an angled brush, then brush over them using ABH's Tinted Brow Gel (12) to make them look more natural and keep it's shape (this part is super important to me!) After those two, I clean up the shape with Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer (13). I don't love this concealer so much for brightening as I do to make my two brows actually look at least kind of similar
Remember, eyebrows are sisters not twins

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Quick little guide on filling in but it's never this easy is it?


I don't wear eyeshadow or eyeliner to school. So. I could list a thousand different palettes I'm in love with but... eh

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(top left) Urban Decay Naked Palettes (top right) ABH Modern Renaissance (bottom left) Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes (bottom right) Tartelette In Bloom


I've tried pretty much a gazillion and one different mascaras. I have short, thin, asian lashes that don't curl. Eyelash gold mine huh? Lucky for you, I've found the best mascaras out there.

Image by Tami

Start off with a primer. L'oreal's Voluminous Lash Primer (14) is a white mascara primer that just works for me
Next, my favorite mascara. One drugstore and one high end but they are basically the exact same freaking thing. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (15) is an actual gem. Works voluminous magic. And it's drugstore dupe, Loreal's Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara (16), is just as good. There's a little less volume, but in turn means a little less clumps, and also less money.

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I do think I like Too Faced better but if it's not in your budget then why spend?


Bringing it back to the face! I can't put on foundation without putting on bronzer. After foundation your face looks flat and bronzer helps get rid of that. Gives you dimension and tone. I am forever in love with a bronzer no one know's about. It's Makeup Revolution's Ultra Bronze (17). For a huge pan of $7, it's unbeatable. The product is buttery, pigmented, matte, and long wearing. There's only one color but it's perfect for me. I would highly suggest at least trying it! It looks a bit orange online but in person it's the perfect medium of warm and cool.
I apply with a big fluffy kabuki brush to get the perfect glowed up bronze.


Ahh yes. Highlight. You seriously can not ask a girl what her favorite highlighter is. Your favorite is probably mine too. So let's indulge in some pretty pictures then I'll recommend my top DRUGSTORE picks (I love expensive and drugstore quality equally)

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Collection of Ofra, Hourglass, Nars, Mac, ABH, Becca, Makeup Revolution

Makeup Revolution has some great highlighters, their Pro Illuminate (18) highlighter is my favorite because of its color, stay power, buttery-ness, and size, all for $7. ELF's Baked Highlighters (19) are also a total steal at $4 (be sure to scratch off that top layer though). And finally, Essence Pure Nude Highlighter (20) is the perfect highlighter for a sunlit GLOW. Not metallic highlight, but glow. And for $4.50, everyone needs this in their life.
And I apply highlight using Elf's Highlighting Brush (21) so I can really pack it on instead of just wisping on with a fan brush.

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Finishing Powder

It's quite simple. RCMA No-Color Powder (22). Insanely inexpensive. Sets beautifully. No flashback ever. Get this.
I apply this with a wispy tapered brush for a light veil of powder

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Now for school I never go too bold with lip color but I don't see why you couldn't. I prefer lip stains so that I don't have to ever worry about reapplying or transferring during the long school day. Colourpop makes two kinds of lip-stain-like products, a lip stick formula called Blotted Lips (23) and a liquid lip formula called Ultra Blotted Lips (24). They come in a variety of colors and are super affordable! I've ordered from Colourpop a countless amount of times. I also have to give some props to The Balm's Stainiac (25). This is a real lip stain and it's the perfect berry color that looks bright but natural. Super long lasting and super easy to apply!

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And That's It!

Finish it up with a couple spritz' of Urban Decay's All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray (26) and you are good to go.

Thanks for reading such a long article! I seriously hope I helped ya'll out, have a nice day :)

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