If you haven't read Parts 1 & 2, go read them both now!

7. Lowercase Cursive 's'

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Round: If you write your Cursive 's' Round, it means you often Avoid Confrontation and are a People Pleaser.

Pointy: If you write your Cursive 's' Pointy, it means you are Ambitious and Inquisitive. You like Learning New things. The high and Pointier the peaks are, the more Ambitious you are.

Wide Towards the Bottom: If you write your Cursive 's' Wide near the Bottom, it means you might not be heart through maybe Careers and/or other Pursuits.

8. Page Margins

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Left Hand Margin: If you write to the left, it means you often can't let go of things.

Right Hand Margin: If you write to the Right, it means you Constantly worry about the Future, and are afraid of the Unknown.

All over the Page: If you write everywhere on the page, it means you can't sit still. Your mind is Constantly Active and Running.

9. Pressure

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Heavy: If you write with a lot of pressure, it means you are great with Commitment. You take things Seriously. If you write with excessive Heavy Pressure, you might be Uptight and React very Quickly to Criticism.

Light: If you write with little pressure, it means you're Sensitive and show Empathy to Others. However, you lack of Vitality.