Disclaimer: This article has no intention of attacking the Kardashian/Jenner family in any way. All presented here are actual facts realized by the Kardashians who may or may not have offended minorities.

It isn't easy to ignore the Kardashian/Jenners' problematic behavior, a history that starts with culture appropration, going through horrible treatment to restaurant employees and stealing little brands' ideas. But i've realized that people do ignore it, and focus their hate for them in something else.

As the most famous family on the US television, its normal to expect that everyone has talked about the Kardashian family either positively or negatively. They have been, to say the least, one of the most talked families around the world, and they constantly give more conversation topic. It's easy to think they gave gained a few million of haters the past ten year as public figure. I feel that the most of this hate is completely unjustified and it shows a reality of the ugly reality of this society's How the hate to the Kardashians shows the ugly reality of our society's priorities.

What does it say about us as society that we are calling out on women because they have decided to make plastic surgery on THEIR BODY with THEIR MONEY instead of calling them out because they are offending minorities with their constant culture appropriation?
What does it say about us as society that we are focusing more on an sex tape made almost 12 years ago than focusing on the fact that independent brands worked hard for years to take out a product and they easily stole their ideas and make millon more dollars of it?
What does it say about us that we focus more on laughing about a trans woman's voice and past instead on focusing more on her racist and homophobic behavior?

The fact that the most hate the Kardashian family receives is about their bodies, sexual life or plastic surgery only leaves in evidence the misogynist and harmful society in which we live, which decides that a woman deserves to receive harassment for what she does with her body. It's time to wake up and focus in the real issue, their constant disrespect for other people's hard work.

Their bodies and sexual life shouldn't be your concern, their constant harm to minorities and people less privileged than them should.

- @stillfeelinglove