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This time I have a personal story about how Bebe Rexha came into my radar. Guess what?!?! We attended the same college in New York City and she was still enrolled while I was. One of her besties was in one of my psychology lecture courses at the time, I believe she was also a psych minor like me. I have to admit, I admired her model-like flawless beauty from afar. I am straight, and it's okay for a girl to admire the characteristics and personalities of other girls - instead of spreading hate, let's spread love and compliments.

Anyways, long story short, we became Facebook friends and she was sharing Bebe's music on her FB feed. So..I took a listen and fell in love with her unique voice. I've been hooked and following her journey ever since; from when she was the voice of a band called Black Cards (with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy to her debut EP "I Don't Wanna Grow Up" and her first headlining concert tour earlier this year. Even if she's in a song I haven't heard (that's playing on the radio), I can still spot her voice. She has this dope tone that makes her music simply stand out.

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If you haven't ever heard of Bebe Rexha, I suggest you listen to her second EP record: All Your Fault: PT 1 & All Your Fault: PT 2. It's so fresh, and just launched this year. I've introduced my husband, family, and friends to her music, and they still don't recognize her name. But, they have heard her music on mainstream radio, that's a start. I can feel it in my bones, everyone everywhere will know who Bebe is in the really near future. This girl is a badass, the definition of girl power, and is amazingly talented. She deserves to finally be recognized for her years of hard work, dedication, and accomplishments.

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Bebe believes in writing music that is relatable to her Rexhar fans, and at the same time tells her story and the feelings/experiences she has gone through in her life thus far. Interesting fact: She wrote Eminem's song "The Monster" featuring Rihanna, it was originally written for herself, but Eminem's team got a hold of it, heard it, and loved it.

She has written and has been featured in so many hit songs. This year she was featured in One Direction's Louis Tomlinson's catchy song, Back to You. Check it out: https://youtu.be/-HjpL-Ns6_A

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Her previous record label has told her that she's just a girl from Staten Island, New York and no one is going to notice her. Back then she must've felt broken and discouraged hearing those words. Well...look at her now! She is another example of -- don't let anyone everrr tell you "NO", take it and show them what you're made of. Do things for yourself, and not for anyone else.

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Her song "The Way I Are (Dance With Somebody)" featuring Lil Wayne has been shamelessly on replay. This particular single is apparently a slap in the face to her previous record label for not believing in her and her sound. She basically brushes off label standards with this song. The messaging is on point: stop with the stereotypes, just love me the way I am. It is such a feel good song. It makes you want to belt it out with your best karaoke voice (in the shower) and dance down the streets of your neighborhood like nobody's watching. The Way I Are is disguised as a self-empowerment anthem, inspired by the Whitney Houston classic. Have a listen: https://youtu.be/g6xvHG8nd5U

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My husband and I actually got the chance to meet Bebe when she came to Philadelphia for her first headlining tour (A.Y.F. Concert Tour) at The Underground Arts on 3/26/17. To add to her breathtaking talent, in-person she's the most down-to-earth. I had the honor to chat with her for a few minutes, and the first thing I told her was "we have 2 things in common". "We both grew up in Brooklyn, and went to the same college." We shared mini stories and I told her how I heard her music for the first time. We had the time of our lives, thanks to our front row V.I.P. access tickets.

Family means a lot to her, and it showed how much she meant to them. They are there at every red carpet, concert, event, they could possibly attend. That night, at her Philly show, wasn't an exception. I can tell they've been keeping her humble and grounded, and looked so proud to be living her dream right by her side.

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A few of my favorite Bebe songs:

Bebe Rexha - F.F.F. (Fuck Fake Friends) ft. G-Eazy: https://youtu.be/jz1Ga7GG0Uk

Bebe Rexha - I Got You: https://youtu.be/uEJuoEs1UxY

Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha - In The Name Of Love: https://youtu.be/RnBT9uUYb1w

Bebe Rexha - No Broken Hearts ft. Nicki Minaj: https://youtu.be/XoiEkEuCWog

Cash Cash - Take Me Home ft. Bebe Rexha:

David Guetta - Hey Mama ft. Nicki Minaj, Bebe Rexha & Afrojack:

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PS. I was coincidentally in the same half empty elevator as her on campus once, and was totally fangirling inside. During one of her video interviews, she shared that she got the Black Cards opportunity, while in her Italian class, I thought that was so cool. So proud of how far she has come and all that she has made a mark on in this world. Like she has said, this is her year! Get it, Bebe! 😘

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All The Rexhar Love,