Sometimes you don't want to do anything and others you can't stop doing the wrong thing.
Sometimes you wan't nothing and others anything at all.
Sometimes you feel like nothing can stop you and others even one thought can just break your whole world.
I think everyone knows, what i'm talking about and everybody thinks now of other times. Other experiences. Other memories. But that is, what life is about. Remembering the good times, the bad times and sometimes even the times you thought, there was nothing spectacular about it.
Maybe these are the best times: when you don't stop in the moment to think about whether this was good or bad. Whether to laugh or to cry. You just do. Because these are the times, where you don't think and just feel. You don't plan and just experience.
You don't just exist, you live.
This is daily life, this is maybe even routine, but there is nothing bad about it. There is your day, your moment, your memory for later.

Welcome back to my thoughts.

I met yesterday a friend of mine in the city nearby and we was just strolling through the shops and having fun. At first i was a little pissed because we originally wanted to go to the cinema but now, when i think about it, this was much better.
We laughed about the names of metal bands (don't jugde, we both listen to metal.), found some of the weirdest films and died almost laughing while fighting with swords in the toy store. We are both eighteen, we are fully responsible for our actions and considered "grown-up", and we get a warning for fighting with toys, laughing our ass off when seeing some figures weirdly painted and enjoying just the time, we are completely childish with no one around to jugde. Well, no one, who knows us enough to interest us. Maybe this is what life should be about: remembering the easy things you can have fun with, not worrying what others could say and just doing what feels good.
Hell yeah, this felt good, these are the stories, that i'm going to laugh about later when meeting her again.