this is mom
and this is dad
this is maria, this is zé
and this time, like all times
we took the road less travelled by
mom and dad always taught me places have stories
and we become apart of them once we immerse in them
so let's go, they said
there are so many moments to cherish, so many beautiful cities to love endlessly
that night we found ourselves stuck in a car
the roads were empty, all we could see was haze and the lights of sleepy cities nearby
take a moment to enjoy, take photographs of the night skies
at 4 am we'll fall asleep, in a car that's not even ours
and we'll wake up to morning pancakes at mcdonalds
i guess that's the beauty of life, you can't predict a thing
you find out along the way
i'm glad i was raised this way, i was not always safe
but i had love and opportunities
i had bike rides all day long, a tune to sing, a prayer to fall asleep to and a family that will always smell like home