I stood up, out of breath. A woman laying down under me. Blood was all over us, no one could tell who it mostly came from. I used my foot to slightly move the women's head. The blonds head fell limply to the side. Her once pretty face now a look of complete horror.

I spit onto her. The cruel bitch deserve everything she got.

As I turned around. There was a boy, curled up in a corner. He seemed to be a few year's older then me.

"P-please GO AWAY!" He cried out holding his stomach.

I slowly walked towards him. Crouching to meet the boys Dark teary blue eyes.

"You ever come near me again, and I will kill you" I said as I stood up, swinging my baseball bat. Knocking the poor boy out cold.

Sirens could be heard in the distance, but I wouldn't move. Falling onto my knees I began crying. My tears falling onto my blood stained shirt. Finally, It's done.

I'm free...


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