Writing is very important and something you probably do a lot! Focusing on personal/creative writing (such as whi articles and things you write by choice), here are some tips on how to be a better writer!

  • Write about something you enjoy! This makes the process much less tedious, and instead of feeling like boring, required school papers your writing will be fun and exciting. It will also be easier to write and find motivation, and the whole thing won´t feel like a chore.
  • Practice. You don´t get good at something by not doing it. You´ve probably heard that so many times, but it´s true! The best writers know what they´re doing because they have experience.
  • Ask for feedback. Teachers, parents, other whi users, etc. They can give you meaningful feedback and tips to help make you feel the most confident about your work.
  • Have a positive attitude. You should genuinely feel good about the work you´re putting out for others. Also, don´t get frustrated or down on yourself if something isn´t going write.
  • Know that not everyone will like it. That´s okay. People have different tastes and just like you don´t like everything you read, other people feel that way. However, if there´s a serious issue with someone being rude about it, evaluate the situation and see if it needs further taking care of.
  • Writer´s block is going to happen. One of the most annoying things about writing, you sometimes have no inspiration or motivation. Don´t push yourself or stress about it. Chances are, it´ll be over soon and it´s better to wait and put out your best work than to only do mediocre because of a time crunch.
  • Do it according to you. Find what helps you write the best, and stay away from whatever might hinder your creative abilities. As far as time frames/deadlines go, set it to something you feel comfortable with.
  • Don´t get discourged. Whether it be that you have serious writer´s block, you aren´t getting much attention, or something else, don´t fret it or bring yourself down about it. Taking time and really flourishing as a writer takes time.
  • Post where you want. Wattpad, We Heart It, etc, are great places to post your writing publicly. If you want more than that, look into a magazine/newspaper or other publisher to submit your writing for possible publication. This can give you a wider audience and more recognition, if you´re comfortable.
  • Pursue it. If you really love writing, look into classes or summer programs dedicated to it. When looking at colleges/majors, you can look into using writing in it, and even for potential careers in the future.
  • Stay out of trouble. Don´t plagiarize, steal people´s copyrighted work, or anything else that can get you into trouble. That won´t help your status, reputation, or job opportunity.
  • Lastly, use writing to help you. Saying you´re a published writer looks great on college and job resumes! You can even include sample writing for them to look at. Of course, don´t put it on your resume if it´s a lie.

Hopefully that helps encourage writers here on whi looking to get started doing something they love, or helps those of you already pursuing writing! Check out my other articles and look for more coming soon!