The way she can't sing but that won't stop her.
The fact that she'll do anything for her friends but she's friends with her.
The way she can read people like no one I've ever seen.
The way that she hates the cold.
That she's not totally jealous like she gets.
That she doesn't get sucked in to his dumb ways.
I hate that this guy is obsessed over her.
That her x's is still her dream guitar player guy.
The way that horror movies scare her but she loves them more than anything.
That I miss her all the time even if she's right there beside me.
That she makes really bad jokes but I'm in love with her laugh.
The way I'll do anything to see her smile.
That she's so done with it just like me.
That she gets pissed of with the little things that can piss me of.
The way her name comes of when other people say it, then when I say it.
The way she says my name.
The way I just want her.
The way I'm crazy over her.
The way I want to scream to the world all the amazing things about her.
The way I always draw her face and don't even realise.
The way I would look her in them beautiful eyes and tell her those 3 words.
I love you.
But it's to late and those 3 words have turned to.
I miss you.