Hello world,

Today I wanted to share with you some tattoo's ideas because I really love the art of tattoos. I hope you will enjoy this selection and at the same time inspire some of u. (I think most of the tattoos are pretty small and by this way, perfect for a first tattoo)

Image by Mica Egas
"le peit prince"
dog, earth, and stars image
"astronaut dog"
cat, tattoo, and tattoo cat image
"lovely cat"
Image by httpbirl0
" solar system"
tattoo, planet, and art image
Image by Private User
tattoo, sun, and moon image
"moon and sun"
fox and kitsuné image
"running rox"
tattoo, planet, and grunge image
"space tattoo"
tattoo, tree, and winter image
"little three"
tattoo, rose, and flowers image
"door rose"
Image by Private User
"earth plan"
Image by Private User
"crowned finger"


tattoo, black, and butterfly image
how beautiful is this tattoo?
cat, tattoo, and animal image
so adorable isn't it?

I hope you liked this article, this was my first one so if u have some advice to make don't hesitate ♥

funny, hi, and ralph image

the cover's tattoo

tattoo, grunge, and pale image