Hello everyone and welcome to my blog . You see by the title that I'm going to talk about the new school year . I'm going to give some tips for the new school year so let's start .

#1 Put your favorite song as your alarm ( So you can start the day with a smile )

#2 Start a bullet journal or put a monthly calendar ( So your can easy plan everything and than you have less stress )

#3 Eat enough

#4 Don't listen to other people who aren't worth it .

#5 Try to meat new people ( Every year there are new people so get to knew each other maybe you found a new friend )

#6 Wear what you like ( You will be more confident !! )

#7 Don't think about relationships ( Concentrate your first on school and then on boys or girls . You will thank me later )

#8 Friday is NO homework day ( But if you want to do something do it .)

#9 Don't wait with your homework

#10 Sick ? Contact your classmates who wants to keep track of your classes .

That were my 10 tips for a new school year . Hope you enjoy it and you can always give me tips or if you have a question you can always send me massage !