This is a playlist of a lot of songs. Not any specific kind.

-Two Shots, Goody Grace

light, photography, and night image

-Long Way Down, Robert Delong

pink, quotes, and neon image

-Vanilla Coke, Goody Grace

blue, flowers, and indie image

-1965, Zella Day

pink, neon, and aesthetic image

-Youth, Daughter

hair, girl, and blue image

-White Mustang, Lana Del Rey

Temporarily removed

-Upside Down, Paloma Faith

red, aesthetic, and Dream image

-Garden, Halsey

sky, umbrella, and pink image

-drugs, EDEN

Temporarily removed

-Benjamins, CVIRO

black, grunge, and adidas image

-Burn Mona Lisa, Kyan Palmer

wallpaper, nasa, and background image

And this is all I have for you guys !
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