So, I am here today to talk about a proper nutrition (in general).

***I am NOT a professional, but I have learned a lot since I am a passionate for nutrition; I hope I can help somebody.***

People can easily make mistakes when it comes to ¨dieting¨ or ¨healthy eating¨.
First things first, eating less IS NOT healthy at all, the same way eating fats and carbs to gain weight isn't, the ideal is LEARNING TO EAT PROPERLY.
As I already said, magic happens when you learn how to eat, and know what kind of foods brings benefits to your body.

Second place, we have the proportions you should eat:


Breakfast has to be the biggest meal of the day so you can have enough energy through the day and reduce your hunger, has to be full of protein (Eggs-Milk), good carbs (Avocado-Cereals), fiber (Oatmeal-Nuts) and natural sugars (fruits-honey).

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Obviously, you can still drinking coffee, or eating some pancakes, just remember to see the proportions!


A snack in the middle of the day, is crucial, so you don’t starve yourself while waiting for lunch time, some examples, nuts that fit in the palm of your hand, 1 or 2 boiled eggs, a toast with avocado and tomato/organic peanut butter and some sliced bananas, a yogurt with some fruit or granola; small and healthy things to refuel your organism.

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Lunch should be balanced. If you eat meat, lunch is the best hour to do it (meat should be your hand size, not bigger).
With lunch, you don’t have to think that much, keep it simple, and remember not to exceed in proportions, flours and carbs; Also, be careful with the way you cook; grilled/boiled instead of fried, used olive oil/sunflower seed oil or less oil.
Drink water or a natural juice without any sugar, along with the lunch.

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Second Snack

Our second snack should be lighter than the first one, so no toast or boiled egg for this one; some examples, little amount of popcorn, nuts, yogurt (without fruit), carrot sticks, broccoli.


Dinner should be super light, and small sized in comparison to lunch; I don’t recommend to eat meat because at this hour is harder for the organism to digest meat, if you are looking for some protein at this hour, broccoli has way more protein than meat does #funfact, also, keep it simple too! Say yes to veggies!

Skipping dinner would cause your body to accumulate fat so it can refuel itself. Also, skipping dinner could bring gastric problems the next morning or in some time, look after your health!

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Late night snacks

About late night snacks, if three hours have passed since dinner, and you´re still awake you should eat, so your metabolism keeps on running and your organism keeps its proper function, also, go to bed with a completely empty stomach, causes your body to wake up tired, so is up to you to wake up with energy and will to start the day…

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Thank you for reading this long article, I hope it helped you... More specified articles about gain and weight loss to come :)