Losing friends is hard, and getting over them is even harder. If a friendship isn't working out, the best thing to do is cut them out of your life. Even though it's going to suck. I recently, very recently, lost my best friends due to my mental health issues. They didn't want to deal with me anymore, but I can't blame them. Sometimes I suck. Since I'm coping, the best thing I can do is help you cope as well. Here are some tips that are working for me.


1. Don't be petty.

If you want to be the best person you can be, take the high road, even if your ex-friends aren't. Don't talk to others badly about them, be kind. It's going to help.

2. Don’t stalk them on social media.

Seeing what they are up to will not help you. Personally, I deleted my social media until I felt better. Staying on social media to see them doing completely fine without you is going to suck. A lot.

3. Busy yourself.

Sign up for after school/day activities. Keep yourself busy! Make as many new friends as possible, and learn how to keep them. You should learn from past mistakes.

4. Talk to someone.

Either a friend, a parent, or my personal recommendation, a therapist. Therapy helps a lot! It’s an efficient way to feel okay again. If you aren’t comfortable going to see a therapist, that’s okay. It can be difficult. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, keep a journal. You can write anything you want and no one has to see it.

5. Try your best to mend things.

No, this doesn’t mean you have to become their friend again, but it’s best to have closure. Apologize. Cry a lot. It’s okay. Try your best to leave things on a high note. If they don’t want to listen, they aren’t worth it anyway.


I hope this helped a little! It’s going to be better soon, I promise.