Before i go on these Movies and Tv shows are my favourites and are just my own opinion.

The Vampire Diaries- If you are into A LOT of drama, romance and the supernatural this show is for you! we can't forget the Salvatore Brothers make this show an 11/10 <3.

Skam- skam is a Norwegian teen drama about the life of teenagers in school! Every season is a different story about each character. It discusses teenage love and relationships, being gay and islam. season two is my favourite but all seasons are binge worthy.

Dirty Dancing- This movie is quite old (1987) but is still a love story that makes me keep coming back to watch. Baby is a privileged girl that goes to a summer resort with her family, when the dance instructors partner isn't able to dance anymore he makes baby his partner, they fall in love.

90210- This show is like no other i have seen before. 90210 is about a tight group of friends in west Beverly hills, romance, drugs, sex its all in there. they are all in school just trying to make it big or just survive.

She's All that- Freddie Prinze Jr, one of my teen crushes stars in this one (more communally known as fred from the scooby-doo movie) When high schooler Zach gets dumped by his cheerleader girlfriend his popularity goes down quickly, to make him self the schools hotshot again, he agrees to do an "impossible challenge" Zach has six weeks to gain the trust of artsy, nerdy introvert Laney Boggs. Zach has to make Laney the next school's prom queen.