This is SO similar too that feeling when you first make a friend at secondary school- not really knowing what too do, kinda blindly stumbling through what you should and shouldn't say. I have no idea what to write ..
Butttt anyway my name is Becca and I'm 14 and I'm a bit of an awkward rambler. frantically looks around I mean we all know one, right?...
I'm pretty new to we heart it but can I say something- its AMAZING. To my friends like I ramble about things being aesthetically pleasing then their like "shuttup". But I open the we heart it app and I'm like blown away with aesthetic photos.
I'm into photography and art.. where my aesthetic needs probably come from my friends sigh simultaneously .
I love bands like bmth, get scared, asking Alexandria and gorrilaz. I dabble in pop but yknow just so I have something to listen too with my friends and I'm sorry but I have too admit I'm addicted too rick and morty rn.
This article was.. I dunno well anyway you know now a bit more about me and I hope too keep writing some more:)