I remember you with my eyes,
I trace you with my mind and I feel warm,
I’m always with you.

at some point we started spending every day
as if we were one instead of two,
we’re high-school friends, classmates.
all the reasons for us to know each other like the back of our own hands.

when I think about it, those times seemed like they’d last forever,
bright spring days when we were both young.
I liked everything, my school days were special because they were spent with you.
no matter where I look, you’re clear in my memories.
forever on my mind.

if you feel the same as I do,
please remember me.

once we're graduate from high-school,
if I still feel the same, I’ll tell you.
because honestly, I’m in love with you.

I always think that you made it obvious you liked me.
even if you said you didn’t, all my friends teased me.
I threw around pointless lies so easily
saying that you weren’t my type.

I stayed up all night stalking you on social medias,
but you seems like never notice me.
I couldn’t be honest. I didn’t know how I felt.
I’ll say all the words I couldn’t before it’s too late,
though it might be a bit awkward.

how I wish someday you could be my boyfriend,
for real.