I cannot bleed

So instead my soul bleeds for me

It bleeds the words i cannot speak

The thoughts that clog my unfiltered mind

It bleeds to rid the unwanted emotions, devotion, the commotion in my head moving in slow motion when will it end

Pounding 1000 miles a minute like a freight train, a jet plane, i’m stuck in the fast lane, somebody please restrain the pain like a migraine in my brain, it’s insane, inhumane, a hurricane of words that beg to bleed from my veins

Make it stop, i can’t make it stop my body punctured and ruptured lost its structure because I can’t bleed these wounds you can’t see them but i feel them, an ocean of words threatening to break the skin tight wall it’s a brawl between me and my brain but i’m too small can’t i withdraw its a close call why is there no protocol for this kind of thing

So i bleed the words i cannot speak

And call it poetry