my last two articles, the book review and music recommendations, did substantially well. both reaching over 100 hearts, making it on the discover page and being re-hearted by the ceo of whi. now on to the topic of this article-fashion.

i've always loved fashion and my sense of fashion has changed over the years, obviously, but one type of style i have always loved is pastel.

pastel tumblr

i have loved pastel colors for as long as i can remember, hence why some of my favorite colors are light pink and baby blue. i love the aesthetic and how cute and innocent it looks. some of my favorite outfits are;

aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic
they are just so adorable, and a little pastel can brighten anyone's day.

another thing i absolutely am in love with are transparent jackets. in addition to looking super cute, they can go with pretty much anything. if you have a favorite graphic tee and don't want to cover it with a jacket, i definitely recommend a clear transparent. they're practical and they look really good, depending on what you pair it with that is. some of my favorites are;

aesthetic clothes badlands aesthetic
you can honestly not go wrong with a transparent jacket.

chokers are another favorite of mine, i especially like collar type chokers and shoelace chokers. the thing i love about chokers is you can where them anytime, they are so diverse and i love it! i also feel like they could be worn by both genders, if done correctly that is. some of my favorite chokers are;

Superthumb asian aesthetic aesthetic
i just feel like you can't go wrong with a good choker, chokers can really turn any outfit around and that's why i love them.

now on to the best part-shoes. i love boots, specifically, doc martens and timberlands. i also have a new found love for adidas shoes. some shoes that are definitely on my wish list are;

boots Superthumb adidas boots
sneakers are a go-to and boots are just a must, especially when they are this cute!

that is it for now, i will most likely do another article about other types of fashion, i might even do an article about clothing trends i don't like it.

i'm planning on writing a novel/short story (haven't really decided the length yet) and i think i'll publish little excerpts of it on here.

thank you for reading and i hoped you enjoyed!